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Work Stress

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Work can be a major source of stress. If job strains upset your peace of mind, contact experienced psychologist Damon G. LaBarbera, PhD, at Rockville Centre, New York, for an in person consult. Dr. LaBarbera also offers telehealth services from Rockville Centre and Union City, New Jersey. Help is only a click away at Damon G. LaBarbera, PhD, today, or book an appointment online to manage work stress.

Work Stress Q & A

What is work stress?

Managing work stress is vital for our well-being. Much has been written about how contemporary work can take a toll on our health since we work longer and harder.

Signs of work stress include anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflict, irritability, fretting about minor incidents that have occurred, or even trauma in a toxic workplace where the environment is toxic.

Factors creating strain at work can include difficult coworkers, inept or domineering management, work overload, and lack of support.

What causes work stress?

Other typical causes of work stress include:

  • Lack of preparatory job training
  • Insufficient support or salary
  • Stubborn or hyper-competitive colleagues
  • Difficult clients
  • Lack of career progression
  • Personality clashes
  • Physically unhealthy work environment
  • Emotionally toxic environment 
  • Feeling stuck
  • Difficulties creating new career paths within a company 

The goal of therapy is to relieve stress, achieve a work-life balance, sidestep personality conflicts, and find means to advance career goals assertively.

What problems does work stress cause?

A person should seek help when work stress affects sleep, productivity, job security, health or job advancement, sense of work fulfillment, or ability to interact productively with coworkers.

Dr. LaBarbera can also address problems in relationships or family life created by job stress. Call Damon G. LaBarbera, PhD to make an appointment.

How can I reduce work stress?

Dr. LaBarbera can help you proactively manage work stress and improve productivity. He has worked extensively with government and military employees, small business owners, medical and legal professionals, students, and hospitality workers. 

In that case, Dr. LaBarbera has the means to evaluate your situation, make suggestions, and make changes to proceed more efficiently, effectively, and diplomatically in your work.

Assertiveness techniques can also enhance an employee's ability to move forward in a challenging work environment.

Dr. LaBarbera employs cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), assertiveness training, analysis of workplace interactions, relaxation training, and solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) to help you manage stress more effectively.

Call Damon G. LaBarbera, PhD, today or book an appointment online if the strains of your job reach unhealthy levels.