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Psychological Evaluation

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Psychological Evaluation services offered in Panama City Beach, FL, Rockville Centre, NY and Union City, NJ

A psychological evaluation speeds up diagnosis, identifies appropriate treatment, and provides patients with a roadmap to understanding themselves. Experienced psychologist Damon G. LaBarbera, PhD, at Rockville Centre, New York, has extensive expertise in completing psychological tests and assessments. Dr. LaBarbera also offers telehealth services from Rockville Centre and Union City, New Jersey. Call Damon G. LaBarbera, PhD, today to arrange your psychological evaluation or book an appointment online.

Psychological Evaluation Q & A

What is a psychological evaluation?

A psychological evaluation provides information that speeds up and improves diagnosis and treatment. It also helps to diagnose and treat patients accurately. 

Psychologists like Dr. LaBarbera use tests and assessments to identify behaviors, beliefs, and emotions relevant to treatment.

When would I need a psychological evaluation?

Psychological evaluation provides information that is objective and only sometimes at first apparent when the client starts treatment. Proceeding with treatment before an accurate idea of the problem and its complexities can lead to false starts, inefficient use of therapy time, and less-than-optimal outcomes. 

Testing is also helpful for matters relating to legal, forensic, or placement issues. Many referrals to Dr. LaBarbera come from medical professionals seeking to clarify a diagnosis or assess the risk of an adverse outcome before a surgical procedure. 

Disorders with nearly identical symptoms and those that are not apparent but influence symptoms of other disorders can be identified. Testing can also be helpful for charting progress periodically.

For instance, you might need a psychological evaluation before bariatric (weight loss) or pain surgery to assess your risk.

Your psychological evaluation also provides information that helps your primary care doctor or specialist manage the medical side of mental health conditions.

What tests are included in a psychological evaluation?

Psychological testing can include questionnaires, structured tasks, or procedures for a client to respond to test stimuli. These are usually norm-referenced, meaning the tests are standardized, so everyone gets evaluated the same way regardless of who’s overseeing the test. 

Research shows that norm-referenced tests provide useful, reliable, and valid data. Frequently given tests include:

  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-3
  • Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory 
  • The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • The Rorschach inkblot test
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scales (WAIS)
  • The Wechsler Memory Scale® 
  • Millon Medical Diagnostic
  • Wisconsin Card Sorting Task (WCST)
  • Trauma Symptom Inventory

Psychological evaluation includes objective, projective, performance, neurological tests, interview information, record review, mental status evaluation, and observational data, all interpreted with Dr. LaBarbera’s 40-year psychological testing experience.

Psychological assessment tools can provide reliable and valid data that speeds diagnosis, clarifies appropriate treatment, provides a roadman for the client to understand themselves, assess risk prior to bariatric or pain surgery, and provide input to physicians handling the medical aspects of psychiatric disorders.

Dr. LaBarbera employs such tests to accurately diagnose and evaluate your condition to create the most effective, personalized treatment plan.

What happens when I have a psychological evaluation?

Dr. LaBarbera selects tests and assessments to suit each patient. He discusses them with you beforehand so that you know what to expect.

After testing, Dr. LaBarbera will discuss the results and what they mean. He then recommends how your treatment should proceed.

Call Damon G. LaBarbera, PhD, today or book an online appointment to learn more about psychological evaluation and how it benefits you.