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Trauma services offered in Panama City Beach, FL, Rockville Centre, NY and Union City, NJ

Psychotherapy can reduce the effects of trauma, both from past and recent stressors. If you suffer traumatic symptoms, consult experienced psychologist Damon G. LaBarbera, PhD, at his office in Rockville Centre, New York. Dr. LaBarbera also offers telehealth services from Rockville Centre and Union City, New Jersey. He has worked with people affected by natural disasters, physical and sexual assault, abuse, combat exposure, multiple concussive blasts, and false imprisonment. Call today or book an appointment online for effective trauma therapy.

Trauma Q & A

What is trauma?

Trauma is any experience that causes lasting psychological damage. Traumatic experiences can include:

  • Natural Disasters such as Hurricanes 
  • Sexual and physical abuse 
  • Multiple moves and lack of steady support for children
  • Having an alcoholic or abusive parent, family member, or spouse
  • Rape and other assault
  • Death of a relative because of medical negligence
  • Battle exposure
  • Abusive supervisors
  • Bullying by peers or siblings

Trauma symptoms become more likely when the number of traumatic experiences and the duration of time increases.

What are the effects of trauma?

Initial reactions to trauma may differ from long term effects. 

Over time, symptoms may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Re-experiencing memories of the traumatic event
  • Autonomic hyperarousal
  • Sleep disruption
  • Interpersonal numbing or distrust
  • Vigilance and scanning for threat
  • Increased startle 

Some people feel tense constantly. Others may experience physical disorders such as sleep apnea or non-epileptic seizures.

Why can’t I get over a trauma?

A traumatized person may have trouble processing the event. Some may ruminate about the problem, while others may suppress the memories. 

Avoiding relationships and resorting to substance use are other frequent reactions to trauma. These strategies are understandable but tend to maintain the trauma symptoms. 

What treatments help with trauma?

Dr. LaBarbera has extensive experience with the treatment of trauma and PTSD, which includes placement in child protective agencies and evaluation and treatment of hundreds of military personnel with battle exposure, including special forces of all branches.


Additionally, he has worked with individuals with stressors associated with hurricanes, including disastrous Category 5 hurricanes, and given presentations on PTSD in military base psychology departments. He uses a variety of tests to assess the range, severity, and degree of symptoms.

Dr. LaBarbera has extensive experience helping people recover from trauma and PTSD, having worked in child welfare centers and with hundreds of military personnel and their families. 

He has produced hundreds of evaluations for PTSD for military members and those in accidents. Children are referred from public agencies for abuse, and those referred by attorneys, physicians, supervisors, or commanding officers. He regularly uses numerous tests to assess the severity and type of trauma symptoms.

To initiate treatment for trauma related symptoms, please call Call Damon G. LaBarbera, PhD. Dr. LaBarbera treats patients with compassion, understanding, and empathy in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Book your appointment by phone or online.